Mass Bay RREs Fall Circle Tour on the original P&W main line at Millville, MA
Photo by Doug Scott

Providence & Worcester
Fall Circle Tour
October 15, 2011

At 4:14 PM, we went through Plainfield, P&Ws Connecticut operating base, but our view of its repair shop on the former line to Providence was obscured by standing cars. Our trip staff chose to skip a last photo stop at Putnam just as well, since the heavy clouds would have meant poor pictures.

We rolled through Webster at 4:58 PM, passing the P&W Railroad Club equipment display, and reached South Worcester at 5:32 PM. We headed up to Worcester Union Station, to drop off Boston-bound passengers who would return on a T local, then backed down to the P&W yard to unload all our other riders, arriving at 5:50 PM.

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