Our Fall Circle Tour special ducks under the long-abandoned New Haven “Midland Division” girder bridge outside Millville, MA, where the Southern New England would have crossed above

Providence & Worcester Fall Circle Tour 2010

...and we continued south, passing the never-completed “triple crossing” site at Millville, then going by Blackstone and Woonsocket.

At Boston Switch, where P&W meets Amtrak, we paused a few minutes before entering unelectrified “Track 3” at 12:05 PM. Track 3 was built with state funds from Rhode Island, to improve freight access to Quonset Point. Today, using Track 3 kept us from needing to wait at Boston Switch for T Providence local #2805 and Amtrak Regional #163. Both trains passed us on Track 1 as we made our way through the former New Haven Northup Avenue freight yard, now an Amtrak base and industrial park.

We passed #163 in Providence at its regular stop; then #163 passed us before Atwells. We met Regional #160, coming the other way, outside Providence. At Warwick, our special ran below the nearly-complete Inter-Link intermodal station for T.F. Green Airport.

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