Former Barre & Chelsea 70-tonner 14 on display in Barre.
Photo by Vic Campbell

Granite City Extra

On an adjacent, isolated siding nearby sits preserved Barre & Chelsea RR GE 70-ton diesel 14, lacking lettering and identified only by a granite side panel. Coupled to it is a flat car bearing huge rough-cut blocks of granite.

With the 804 pushing from the south end and the 1323 in the lead - there was no place to run the engine around the train at either end of the trip - we made an express run back to Montpelier, arriving at} 1:30 PM.

After a quick clean-up of the train, the afternoon trip departed on time at 2:00 PM and essentially duplicated the morning's run, albeit in "slightly wetter" weather conditions, returning about 4:30 PM.

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